Wendy Carter with security dogs

Itaxah Village Security

We are in the process of developing a Security Company that will service our village and be available to the Serenity and Consejo neighborhoods.  Ex-military personnel are already in communication with us, and we’ll be working to create a safe, secure environment for our families.
One of the first structures will be a security house to protect property and building supplies as the community grows.  The property will use beautiful, but prickly, indigenous vegetation like bougainvillea and cactus to create natural barriers, and entrance roads will be gated.
Most Belizean homes have dogs for security.  Wendy has done basic training for dogs professionally and she and Chris have a shared passion for them.  Their pack includes nine (yes, nine) Central Asian/ German Shepherd’s, and Pit/ Mastiffs, that will be receiving more advanced training from military dog trainers.  They will be working to patrol the grounds keeping the community safe and happily wagging.